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Traveling with cats; 4 tips for healthy trips with your cat

Traveling with cats is fun, and ensuring your kitty is a healthy travel adventure cat is essential. Confirming that your cat does not have underlying health issues before you go walkabout makes sense. Keeping things that way on the road is the trick.

Check out our 4 tips for healthy travel with your cat.

1. Traveling with Cats? Vist your Vet

A thorough check-up is not something all pet owners do with their pets regularly. You may feel that starting with a healthy travel adventure cat is going to hold up for your travels. We strongly recommend you take kitty in for a full physical before you start. Prevention is the best medicine.

Traveling with cats can go pear shaped real quick
Traveling with cats can go pear-shaped real quick

2. Take copies of medical records

Before traveling with cats, book in for a kitty physical in the weeks before you hit the road (maybe for you as well). During this visit, ask for a printout of your cat’s medical records. You may want to give your vet a “heads up” when you make the appointment so they can have your cat’s papers ready on the day. The records will include vaccination dates, any illnesses, injuries, surgeries your cat may have had in the past, and any medications your cat has been or is currently on. Put all of this information in a plastic sleeve and file it with other relevant information you will be taking with you, like your own medical records.

This may seem like an extreme measure, but it really comes in handy if you have to take your cat to the vet while on the road. You can hand over the printout, confident that you have not forgotten to mention any critical information. If you do have to visit a vet while on the road, ask for a printout of everything done in that visit and add it to the book.

3. Vaccinations – with your cat up to date

With your cat, it goes without saying that all vaccinations must be up to date. Check with your vet to make sure you are not missing any vaccines that may be area-specific to places you plan to travel. Add dates to your calendar for when vaccines need to be updated, as it is now up to you to keep track.

Not only do vaccinations keep your cat safe – many caravan parks and pet resorts insist that all pets are up-to-date with their vaccines. You may think that you won’t ever put your cat in a pet resort, but in an emergency, it may be the best place for your cat. When traveling with cats, be prepared for any possible situation.

4. Fleas, Ticks & Worms

If you have an indoor cat, do not think that kitty is safe from fleas, ticks, or worms. People can bring them in on footwear or clothing. An indoor cat needs flea, tick, and worm medication just as often as an indoor/outdoor cat.

Once you hit the road, it is more important than ever to safeguard kitty and yourself. If you have ever been in a flea-infested house, imagine a flea-infested small space. Not a healthy environment for any of you. Traveling to regions where you and kitty have never been requires more vigilance than ever.

You may find yourself in areas where ticks are more prevalent than in your home. Flea and tick-infested areas do not post signs that they are high flea and tick areas. As a result, you will not know that you are in a high danger area.

The best defense is prevention. Keep the application of flea and tick medication current at all times. You can now use a Cat flea tick worm 3 in 1. It’s brilliant! Great news for those on the road who do not have much space for storing medications. Note: In the USA, you will need to purchase from a vet. In other countries, it can be purchased online. Have spare flea, tick, and worming medicine with you as it is not always easy to find if you happen to be going remote. Planning is best.

You must protect your travel adventure cat. Don’t rely on memory. You should add the following treatment information to your calendar so you can concentrate on beautiful sunsets and not worry about kitty.

Tick removal clippers and anti-lick antiseptic are essential. Add them to your first aid kit. When traveling with cats, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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