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Travel Cat Adventures provides helpful information on traveling with your cat. Judy and Alan spent a year roaming with Neko, our adventure travel cat. Walkabout Cat has advice, our experiences and, gear reviews for all aspects of cat travel and happy adventures.

We are often asked “Can you travel with a cat?” and “Can you train a cat?” The answer to both is a resounding “yes”. The trick is, not to think about dog travel and training. Cats are proudly very different than their doggy friends. Cats are capricious, willful and intelligent. You can’t beat that, you kinda have to join them – while still having them do what you need to.

Traveling with cats requires patience. It is also very rewarding with lots of fun on the way. Beware, the laugh will often be on you. As your cat becomes an adventure cat, you will marvel at the change. You will be thrilled to learn so much more about who your kitty really is. We must caution you, do not try to get too far into your cat’s head – that way lies madness.

Walkabout Cat covers safety, travel, training, health and having fun with your travel cat as you tackle life’s journeys. Take the trip, it’s a blast.

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In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.

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