Who We Are


Judy and Alan are lifelong cat lovers and travelers. Neko, our rescue cat and queen of everything, suffers from separation anxiety. When it was time to travel Australia as grey nomads, we decided to take Neko too. We were nervous at first. As it happened, Neko fell in love with the road and has become well trained – sort of.


Cats, travel, writing and education. We have designed and produced online courses, blogged, Judy and Alan are published, and we have been copywriters. Oh, and we love dogs too… in fact all living things. We recently acquired Xena, a rescue dog. She and Neko are developing a beautiful friendship.

This site

We share our experience, we research, and we test ideas, plots, plans and equipment. We tell you what has worked for us. We do have a small amount of advertising and some affiliate links… enough to keep us in cat and dog food. 

Please feel free to engage with us through comments or our links to social media. Every cat lover has experiences to share, and we love to hear them, as do our readers.

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