Weird & Wonderful Cat Names – 873 of them


Welcome! This list of cat names is meant to encourage you to consider unusual names, leading you to the perfect name for your kitty, whether it is on this list or not.

Why 873? Because that’s how many made the list. There will be more when we revise the list. Your suggestions are welcome at

  • If you are drawn to a name and don’t know the meaning, Google it. The meaning (if there is one) is likely to pop right up.
  • If you like the name but it’s under a heading that doesn’t suit your cat’s look or sex, we say go ahead and use it anyway. After all, many people have named their cat Pickles, but we have yet to see a green cat. If you love the name, your kitty will love it too.
  • See a name but don’t like the spelling? Change it. After all, the cat is yours and so is the name.
  • Most importantly, let your creative juices flow and have fun.

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