The sifting litter box for cats – demonstration

The cat litter box is not a nice accessory; it is a critical piece of kit when traveling. Cat litter boxes and trays come in many styles, shapes, and sizes. We take a look at our fav. Neko’s Poo Palace is perfect at home and for times when we are on the road.

In this article, Judy demonstrates our favorite type of litter box. This is the two-tray type of sifting litter box. It uses recycled wood pellets that reduce to sawdust. Importantly, the pellets turn to sawdust when wet, and are odor-free and environmentally safe. When you clean the litter box out, you sprinkle the sawdust on the garden as mulch.

Neko taking control of our Poo Palace
Neko taking control of our Poo Palace

There are many kinds of cat litter boxes on the market. Others will be cheaper, as simple as a cheap tray, others much more expensive. We have found this to be the most effective for home and travel.

Judy Demonstrates The Sifting Cat Litter Box

Cat Litter Box – Don’t Leave Home Without It!

The sifting cat litter box is excellent for odor control, environmentally light on the world, and it is easy to keep clean.

The video demonstrates the ease of managing Neko’s poo palace. We have taken the cat’s litter box to friends and family when we are staying over with Neko. We have traveled extensively with the poo palace in our car and motorhome, most recently on a one-year trip roaming, just the three of us.

Because the recycled wood pellets turn to sawdust when wet, we can clean the cat litter tray onto gardens or into composting systems. It can, of course, be disposed of through the trash system, but that seems like a waste of a product that can put value back into the environment.

Neko taking control of our Poo Palace
Neko taking control of our Poo Palace

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