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Marco Polo Pet Tracker Review

The Marco Polo Pet Tracker is our most used product for life on the road with our cat, Neko. It has been a cat lifesaver on many occasions. As an added benefit, the good folks at Eureka Marco Polo Pet Tracker have a lightweight add-on so that you can find your drone in the event of a crash.

If you have ever lost your cat in the great outdoors, you will empathize with the analogy of playing blind man’s bluff, or Marco Polo, in trying to locate that naughty kitty. The biggest problem is that your cat will not be yelling “Marco,” so you have a hint as to their location. In fact, kitty will be like most insolent cats and be dead silent, watching your wandering through the wild in your pajamas.

This is where the Marco Polo Pet tracker comes into play. As far as we are concerned, it is the duck’s guts of pet tracking collars. Your cat wears the collar with the tracking chip while you have the locator. The handheld locator beeps faster as you get closer to kitty and has an arrow to give you the direction of your errant kitty. It is simple in how it works, requires no GPS, Wi-Fi, or monthly plan, and can be used anywhere in the world.

What Is The Marco Polo Tracking Device?

First and foremost, the Marco Polo Pet Tracker is peace of mind. It is one of the best-known radio tracking frequency pet trackers on the market. The Marco Polo is accurate, light, and for those of you who have cats that swim, fully waterproof.

It has an incredible (up to 6 weeks) battery life and is used not just by pet owners but also by professionals.

Why just the Marco Polo and not several reviews for comparison?

Because we absolutely love and use this product daily. We have successfully tracked our cat a number of times while on the road, and many times since moving onto acreage.

Neko (our cat) wears it daily and is not allowed out of the house without it.

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What about Drones… and dogs for that matter?

The Marco Polo Pet Tracker handset can have up to three tags associated. You can mix n match if you wish. It is possible to have three tags on three kitties, or one on your cat and one on your dog (and one spare). Fit a lightweight tag (available from the Marco Polo people) for your drone, and you will double the value. The basic kit has one pet tag, and you can add more as you wish.

Versatile Product

The Marco Polo's tracking handset can be used for up to three tags. One for kitty, One for puppy and One for your drone!

The Marco Polo Pet Tracker

As we said, we did a single review for this product as it has been brilliant in our travels with Neko. We will do a general report to consider the aspects of using other technologies at a later date.

When on the road, we use the safety zone which means our cat does not get far before the alarm goes off. Now that we live on acreage, we do not use the safety zone feature but still use the locator several times a week. Sometimes it is merely because we are going out and (being the strict parents we are) the cat is not allowed to stay out when we are not home.

Really, truly, this product is a gem that offers peace of mind that in our view, you cannot put a price on.

Questions People Ask

Will it work in my area?

We have camped in remote Australia where WiFi and phone reception are only available in your dreams. Not a worry because the tracker works on radio frequency, so it really doesn’t matter how remote you are.

Am I going to be able to figure out how to use it?

It is easy to use (ready straight out of the box), reliable and accurate. It also allows you to set up a safety zone, so an alarm goes off if kitty ventures outside of the set zone. The Marco Polo tracking kit comes with a reference manual and a quick start guide.

Does it really work?

Places we have successfully used the Marco Polo to find our cat; under a deck, under our bus (many times) in tall grass, in the forest and inside (when we thought she was out). And, there was the heart-stopping time she was located in a neighbor’s rural driveway right on dusk. Because we use the Marco Polo often, our cat has become used to the beeping sound it makes and usually comes when she hears the sound. This is a feature we were not expecting.

How does it fit around my cats’ neck?

The Marco Polo Pet Tracker comes with a collar holder that attaches to a cat collar using Velcro. We leave it on the cat collar permanently and take the collar off every night as Neko is not allowed out after dark. The collar is put back on her in the morning, and she wears it all day. That way, we do not have to concern ourselves with whether she has the collar on or not.

Is the Marco Polo comfortable for the cat to wear?

If you asked our cat, we are sure she would say “no,” but then again, she says “no” to everything. She, in fact, wears it every single day and does not complain (or at least not to us). As we have made it a habit that she must put it on every morning, she now expects it. Once again, consistency is key.

Is there any other cost after I have bought it?

Nope. None. Zippo.

Georgie the explorer, a candidate for a tracking collar if ever there was a cat that needed monitoring.
Georgie the explorer, a candidate for a tracking collar if ever there was a cat that needed monitoring.

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