Christmas gifts for cats - what can I buy my cat for Christmas?

Christmas gifts for cats – what can I buy my cat for Christmas?

What can I buy my cat for Christmas? – that is the question.

After all, kitty is part of the family and deserves some kick-butt gifts for Christmas too. You do as well, but that’s another subject.

There is no need to break the bank to ensure your cat receives some awesome gifts unless you want to.

This article explores do-it-yourself crafts (both free and low cost) that kitty will love as well as some ideas for those who want to purchase something fun, and ideas for the cat owner who is looking for the ultimate in Christmas gifts for cats.

Christmas gifts for cats – What can I buy my cat for Christmas?

We have organized our cat shopping suggestions into four categories. Click on the following to jump to the area that interests you.

Free toys for your cat

DIY (low cost or free) toys for your cat

Low-cost toys to purchase for your cat

The ultimate gift for your cat

Be sure to check out our article: How to cat-proof your Christmas tree for a happy cat Christmas. This is important for your kitty’s safety and your sanity.

Free toys for your cat

Free toys for your cat might be just what kitty ordered for Christmas this year because let’s face it, Christmas can be financially overwhelming.

It doesn’t have to be. Besides, homemade has a certain ring to it. You know, the whole made with love thing. Awwwww.


Boxes are the ultimate in free gifting for your cat. Haven’t met a cat yet who didn’t like a box!

Why not grab yourself some tape and make a cat castle. Or, buy some carpet offcuts, glue them to the box and add some wooden legs.

A new hidey-hole is born and there will be one happy kitty on Christmas day.

My box, best free toy ever!


Always be on the lookout for feathers. They can be purchased or sourced from nature. Add some wool onto the end of the feather and you’ve got a cat toy.

Wrap some of the wool onto a good size stick allowing for flicking while keeping claws away from your fingers.

Toilet rolls, fun for cats.

Toilet paper rolls

Glue or tape some of those puppies’ toilet paper rolls together. You can hide some yummy treats inside and kitty will be engrossed for hours.

Nothing like a good interactive toy that costs nothing.

Since we are on the subject of tp, get yourself some scissors and cut the rolls vertically to create rings.

Stack the rings together to make a ball. If it won’t stay together, get some thick good quality organic wool and tie it all up. Kitty will love to roll it around, stalk and hunt it.

These are just a couple of ideas, head to Pinterest for tons of ideas on how to make a cat toy from TP.

For safety’s sake, please do not use staples, or thin string to make any cat gift. Either can become dangerous if ingested.

DIY (low cost and/or free) Christmas gifts for cats

DIY toys for your cat will usually have a certain cost, not just time but a low financial cost as well.

These ideas fit into the low-cost thing, as well as low-time cost ideas for those who are time-poor as so many of us are these days.

As an Amazon Associate, Walkabout Cat earns from qualifying purchases.

Cat trees, good for scratch and play.

Make a cat tree with sisal or rope 

ASIN for Sisal

Make an awesome cat tree using some sisal or rope (or both) and some large branches.

Wrap the rope around the branches, nail it to a sisal-covered base. Kitty with have a blast climbing.

Use at least three good-sized branches. You can then add a couple of bridges and a hammock for the kitty to sleep in.

He may never want to come down from his treehouse.

Or, buy or scrounge some PVC pipe, thick yarn, some glue, and start wrapping.

You can fit the pipe to the wall, add PVC elbows and create a kitty highway.

Wrap that sisal around a pole or just about anything and you are done.  

Hanging basket

If all this is wrapping sisal is too much, then here’s an easier one for you.

Buy a hanging basket and hang it low enough for kitty to access.

Preferably in front of a window is the intel we are getting from the pros.

Or, take that basket and turn it on its side and hang it on the wall.

Just make sure it’s attached well enough to hold your cat’s weight.

Kitty is sure to purr like a steam train. Do steam trains purr?

Hanging cat of Babylon... well happy kitty anyway.
Awesome cat double bunks.

Op Shop purchase

This is one of our favorites for obvious reasons. Op shop purchases help others, they recycle and are usually easy on the wallet.

Check out your local op shop and look for items that you can add some legs to. The opportunities are endless.

Think cubby hole or get into the head of your cat (good luck with that) and figure out how regular household items could become comfy beds.

Consider a side table with a drawer.

Take the drawer out to create a cubby hole.

Cut the legs down to size if required, slap some awesome paint on and you’ve got yourself a very cute cat bed hiding place.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for some baskets that might work for a bed on the wall.

Macrame Bed

If you are quite crafty (you can do it) grab yourself some instructions. We found some here and knot yourself up a macrame bed for kitty.

She’s gonna love you for this one.

Too much? No worries. Jump on Amazon and grab one.

Kitty will think you slaved over it. We won’t tell if you don’t tell.

Check it out on Amazon

As an Amazon Associate, Walkabout Cat earns from qualifying purchases.

Low cost to purchase for your cat

If you are thinking “What can I buy my cat for Christmas?” but will not break the bank, here are some low-cost options for those who are not crafty. They are sure to get kitties motor running yet not break the bank.

The Dancing Fish

This flew off the shelves last year and is still popular this year.

It is hand washable and has a USB connection for easy charging.

Did we mention you can add catnip? Mmm, wonder why it’s popular!

Check it out on Amazon

Cat Ball

How cute is this cat ball? It’s USB rechargeable, self-rotating, and has a timer function so you won’t wear kitty out.

And, like most cats, movements are random.

Check it out on Amazon

Fukumaru Wall Hammock

This is just too cute. Not to mention hammocks are comfy even for us mere humans. Imagine how much your cat will love it.

It has a large shelf, matching washable fabric, and is easy to install.

Fukumaru has tons of wall products so you could build an entire wall if you decided that one is not enough.

Or, you can add to it each year at Christmas. Ahhh, the gift that keeps on giving.

Check it out on Amazon

Macrame Cat Hammock

This is for the Boho’s out there cause it’s about as cute as they come if you are so inclined to macrame being a part of your decor.

It has a stainless steel frame to help make it stable which allows cats to not just sleep on it but play as well.

The cord is cotton, soft and durable. Too cute, just too darn cute.

Check it out on Amazon

Rotating Cat Scratching Ball

This cute little toy does double duty, satisfies the instinct to scratch, and saves your furniture.

It’s easy to put together and sturdy. Kitty can even climb on it if that’s how he rolls.

Check it out on Amazon

The ultimate Christmas gifts for cats

The ultimate gift for your cat is for the spoiled brat kitty who has everything. Sometimes it’s a go big or go home type of deal.

Have no fear if you are in the go big camp, we’ve got some ideas as to What can I buy my cat for Christmas with a WOW factor.

Build a DIY catio

Are you handy with the hammer? Go all out and build a catio.

You can purchase some really cool catio plans here. They even come with a materials list.

Portable Pop-up Cat Enclosure With Tunnels

A portable cat enclosure is handy to have especially if you are a traveler, but with tunnels? That’s just cool.

This one will also work for indoor use and it’s quick and easy to set up.

There are many pop-up cat tents but one with a tunnel makes it pretty funky. It’s bound to be a hit.

Check it out on Amazon

As an Amazon Associate, Walkabout Cat earns from qualifying purchases.

Cat Tree With Leaves

Be still our beating hearts. A Christmas tree for your cat that he can use year-round.

Okay, it doesn’t look like a Christmas tree, but how cool is this?

It has curved cat perches and a faux leaf design that is safe for kitty and it’s easy to assemble.

Check it out on Amazon

Cat Exercise Wheel

How awesome is this? It doubles as a cat scratcher and is perfect for indoor cats or travelers who may need a bit of exercise incentive.

And, it looks like it is tons of fun.

Check it out on Amazon

Cat House

Here it is. For the indoor cat who has it all, or so you thought.

This truly is the perfect multi-level apartment for your cat. How fun is that?

It’s weatherproof, multi-tiered, and durable.

It may be the perfect solution for renters as it’s freestanding.

No attachment issues here.

Check it out on Aosom’s site

Be sure to check out our article: How to cat-proof your Christmas tree for a happy cat Christmas. This is important for your kitty’s safety and your sanity.

Christmas gifts for cats - what can I buy my cat for Christmas?

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